Welcome to 6th Grade

Welcome HMS families and those with rising 5th-grade students from Briarlake, Evansdale, Hawthorne, Henderson Mill, Oak Grove, Pleasantdale, or Sagamore Hills.  Check out the information here.  And be sure to to sign up for our weekly Henderson PTSA e-newsletter.
6th Grade Transitions
You've finally graduated from elementary school! You're about to take on middle school.
Assignments and tests will be more challenging. In addition to homework, you may also have papers and exams for the first time. The workload may seem overwhelming, but your teachers understand that you and your classmates are making an adjustment. If you feel you're having trouble with the workload expected of you, make sure you bring it up with a parent or school counselor.

In elementary school, you were graded with marks like "check plus," "excellent," or on a number scale. You will now be graded with the letter system: A, B, C, D, or F. There are also in-between grades like "A-", "C+," etc. This system feels more competitive. Remember that your grades are your own business. Communicate with your teacher, parent, or school counselor if you have concerns about your grades.

The hallways at Henderson Middle School are lined with lockers, and one of them will be your "home base" during the day. Instead of lugging your stuff around, or placing it in a classroom desk, you now have a place to store everything safely. You will be able to decorate it with photos, drawings, magazine clippings, and anything else that makes it feel like you. Do not share your combination!

Media Center/Library
The Media Center at Henderson Middle School is larger than the one at your elementary school. Our Media Center has more than just books -- it has computers, learning stations stations, and other forms of media to help you learn. It is also the location where our Henderson Morning Announcements are produced.

Classes are now in different rooms, every hour. The middle school "class schedule" can seem overwhelming at first. New buildings and new routines are confusing for everyone. If you have trouble finding something, teachers, counselors, and other school staff are there to assist.

In elementary school, recess was probably your favorite part of the day. There is no recess in Middle School. You will have Physical Education/Health and an elective of your choice daily. There are many elective options to satisfy everyone.

Get involved in after-school sports, clubs, and activities. From football, cheerleading, drama club, Student Council, or Science Olympiad, etc. these "extra-curricular" are a great way to make friends, explore new interests, and, have lots of fun.