Severe Weather Information

 Severe Weather Conditions Procedures and Communication Plan 
The safety of students, personnel, and volunteers is paramount to Henderson Middle School during times of severe weather conditions.   Emergency protocols have been established by DCSD and distributed throughout all schools within DeKalb.  If there is a sudden severe weather alert, such as a tornado warning, students and teachers will assume the safety positions within the designated areas of  the school.  Top priority will be given to the safe evacuation of any instructional trailers on school property. 

Parents:  Steps to take so you are informed during such emergencies:
  • Tune to local news broadcasts to receive the most current information about changing weather conditions.
  • Sign up for the Remind text alerts from Ms. Patillo today. Do it before a weather emergency hits. Here are directions for Remind alerts:
To receive messages via text: 
text  @fkhec to 81010. You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying:  'unsubscribe @2bc392'.
Trouble using 81010? 
Try texting:   @fkhec to (678) 256-2458 instead.
  • Download the DeKalb County School District Mobile App from   This will give you updated information from the County in an expedient manner.  Be sure to go into the app and follow Henderson Middle School.
  • Monitor the DeKalb County School District Website for the latest information about weather conditions, school closings, early or late dismissal times, extra-curricular activities, and any other timely information.
  • PTSA may also send out information via eblast. Please forward this email to anyone who might not be on our list. 
  • Parents may call the front office and/or attendance office with questions, however, communication emanating from the aforementioned offices may be limited in order to keep all personnel safe within the building.  The telephone number of the front office is (678) 874-2902 and the telephone number to the attendance office is (678) 874-2919.
In the event of extreme weather conditions students will shelter in place and the school offices will be closed for check-out until an "All Clear" is given by the Central Office of the DeKalb County School District.  Once the severe weather alert is over, the principal or designee will send out a text message through the Remind system to inform parents of the "All Clear" and the restoration of normal operating procedures.