NEW Traffic Plan

Due to construction, Henderson has a new traffic plan currently in effect:  Our new wheelchair access ramp is open in the front of the school.  Construction will block access to the back of the school, so our Special Needs Buses will pick-up and drop off in the carpool circle.  Please pay close attention to these important points regarding student arrival and dismissal.  We appreciate your attention and support as we make these important changes for our students’ safety. 

This new traffic plan affects carpool students ONLY.  If your child rides a bus to/from school, there are no changes to your current routine.  Whenever possible, we suggest your student should ride the bus.

New Carpool Traffic Plan

  • Front Carpool Circle will be restricted to Special Needs Buses and Carpools with 2 or more students only
  • The curb lane is reserved for Special Needs buses only.
  • While buses are unloading and loading, ALL car traffic must STOP, and may not pass the bus.

  • All single car riders and other carpool will use the lower parking lot at the bottom of Bolero (see diagram below) for student drop-off and pick-up.
  • Teachers Lot -  No drop-off and pick-up
  • On Bolero and Apple Orchard - No Stopping, Standing, Parking, Drop-off or Pick-up