HVAC Audit Report

The District has just released the audit report of Henderson’s HVAC systems.  This report was prompted by years of problems with the HVAC system, including the malfunction last spring that flooded classrooms and hallways with foul water.  The Construction Committee and School Council asked the District to perform an audit of the HVAC systems in the entire school.  The District hired a company to perform this audit in May and June of 2015.  

The report is comprehensive and paints a very grave picture of the design, installation, maintenance and repair of the school HVAC system.  The Construction Committee has been working diligently on the various aspects of this report and we’re trying to determine the best way to proceed.  The District has already announced to the Committee a $3MM "placeholder" or "allowance" to address HVAC issues, allowing the new construction to tie in to a fully functional system.  We’ll be sure to post additional information as it becomes available.



In May and June, 2015, DeKalb County Schools engaged Total Systems Commissioning to perform a survey of the existing HVAC system serving Henderson Middle School.

Their report was released by the District to the HMS Construction Committee on September 11, 2015 and is attached below:

HVAC System Evaluation 2015.06.25 Henderson MS (PDF 3.29 MB)