Henderson Hero 2017

We Need a Hero!

We're asking everyone to be a Henderson Hero and contribute to the PTSA Fund for the year. 

No Sales. No Pledges. No Hassles. 

In previous years, PTSA funding has come from one big Magazine Sale each fall.  This takes a lot of work from students and parents. Only a portion of the profits come back to HMS.

$40 per student is all it takes.  That's the suggested contribution, but all donations are greatly appreciated.  We'll gladly accept more. Please give as you are able.

100% of the donations go directly to fund PTSA here at HMS!

Donate when you Register Online >

or click Donate Now.

We need you and thank you for your support!

Donate Now!

Things your heroic contribution will fund: 

  • Copy Paper for all teachers
  • School-wide events, such as Family Picnic and Ice Cream Party
  • Honors day awards
  • Field trips for all HMS teams
  • Cultural arts programs for all students
  • Teacher appreciation, conference meals, and hospitality
  • Enhance HMS technology

just to name a few!